What We Do At Online Academy...

Our model encompasses specialised tuition for Grade 8 to 12 high school learners. Qualified and approved educators are able to create courses online and make them available to learners nationwide and internationally. Interactivity is an important feature of our model and encourages learners to always find a solution. 

Our emphasis on quality ensures that learners receive only the best resource from our educators, who are ultimately responsible for meeting our quality criteria. Educators will answer learner's questions and provide real time or canned responses. Learners will complete tasks as arranged in the learning path and may be prevented from continuing with the next tast untill the current task has been completed. 

Learners may interact face to face with their educators for further one-to-one classes. This feature will depend on the willingness or availability of a tutor. Some tutors will provide tutorials, videos and other material and exclude one-on-one tuition, because they have other commitments. Do take note that teachers who offer one-on-one tuition, will charge for this service.

Our educators have access to our hand picked resource to create the most engaging and effective courses. Our 'éducator resource portal ís especially helpful for educators who have limited or no experience with computer or mobile phone software.

One of the most powerful features of our App is that it can be accessed using a mobile phone, tablet, notebook or PC. Its responsive constuction creates a rich user expericnce. There is no need to download an App from the 'store' since our application is available across all browsers and rotates well on mobile phones. 

Our technical support team is always available to help with any technical issues that may arise.

Our technoloy portal is available at: https://contihost.co.za/online-courses/

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