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Learning has become easier than ever. Suitable for home schooling, extra and specialised tuition. Learners will be able to accomplish multiple tasks online and offline.

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Online Academy provides educators with a portal to create online courses. Resource is provided for educators who need help in creating courses.

Technology Centre for Educators

Use our tools and tutorials to make your editing experience a pleasant one. Use our knowledgebase to learn how to create and update courses. Learn to optimise the use of hardware and software to reach goals quickly.

Getting Started...

This is a model and platform suitable for professional educators who which to create courses for school, college, or commercial courses. Educators who are new to producing online content, Online Academy provides educators with information on how to produce courses for online consumption. While this is not an exhaustive resource on how to achieve this end, the information provided by Online Academy will be more than adequate to construct courses for online consumption by high school learners. Our support desk is available to assist educators to overcome challenges with the course administration interface and tools. Its always best to read our knowledgebase for solutions, if you are unable to find a solution, contact our support desk.

Quality First!

Quality is a stringent part of our requirement. Each course should be of a high standard with no compromise in quality. We will not allow substandard courses to be published on our portal. Part of the quality standard requirement, is, responding to the needs of your learners. A prompt response will help and improve your ratings. The link below will take registered users to the 'Resource for Educators' part of this website. Here, you will find help on course creation and all the little things that will help you create compelling courses.

Selling Your Courses Online

Online Academy provides a friendly and safe experience for learners and parents. Courses will be sold online and purchased during the registration process. You will receive a notification as soon as someone buys your course and pays for it. The learner is automatically given access to the course and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Your sales proceeds will be available to you and your beneficiaries in real time due to a ''split payment feature,' available from our merchant.


Online Academy will market the entire site and / or random categories / courses offered online. This includes social media marketing and Google Search optimisation. Educators will be taught how to organically market their couses through Google Search. Google. Custom Adverts will be made available to educators who wish to supplement the advertising of their courses.

Getting Started...

Go to our online portal and register as a teacher in one or more subjects. Use our knowledgebase to learn how to accomplish specific tasks related to course construction. If you are completely new to creating online courses, watch our introductory video to help you get started. 

Each teacher has to upload a profile and picture. Mandatory documentation such as your CV, proof of membership and qualifications, may be uploaded during the registration process. Registration is free and includes assistance from our support centre. As soon as you have registered as an educator you will receive a link to complete the registration process and start creating courses. 

We only allow qualified and approved educators to sign up as course creators.

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