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Online Academy is a solution to help home schoolers and learners who want to achieve above average scores in the examination. Each course is accompanied with tutorials, videos and illustrations to help you master the subject material.

All of our courses are presented by qualified and approved educators who are experts in their field. 

 Learners are able to communicate with their tutors and recieve assistance directly by e-mail and chat. Assignments are easier than ever! Just download your assignment, print and when done upload the assignment for marking.

Courses are insterspersed with quzzes which helps with self assessment. Quizzes may be taken multiple times. Tutorials and similar pages may be printed to PDF, if you prefere working offline. 

The most amazing feature is that the entire course may be accessed by mobile phone, tablet or desktop. 

The site administrator may be contacted in the event that a learner is experiencing technical difficulty with the course.

How to get started...

Register for courses in our online catalogue. It is possible to take a minimum of  one course. Navigate to our online catalogue, and browse through the courses that you are interested in and make your choice by signing up for the course. Once you are signed up you may register for additional subjects / courses as required. 

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